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has now been with Hearthstone for 42 years.  When his parents built their log home back in 1975, they were so impressed with Hearthstone that they became Hearthstone's Georgia distributor.  

John is now a Project Manager with Hearthstone and operates from his home office in Macon, Georgia, which is a modified Pioneer model log home).  During his years with Hearthstone, he has accumulated a vast understanding of construction and design techniques that were innovated by Hearthstone.

You are invited to take advantage of his expertise and knowledge in the planning of your new home. Contact his office at (478) 474-9370 or on his cell phone at (478) 477-4076. 


Customer Testimonial

Dear Mr. Giles:




Since the visit we made to the Hearthstone plant in Dandridge several years ago, we have been impressed by the Hearthstone company, the products, and your people.  We built a cabin 2 years ago and we just received the log package for our Hearthstone home at the end of April.  We love them!


In particular, working with John Ricketson has been the best! He has answered our technical questions and offered sound advice when I have had frequent questions.  He has always given us timely responses and I have the utmost confidence in him. I can't tell you how happy we have been to have working with John. Our only regret is that this relationship will be coming to an end now that we don't have any other Hearthstone projects in the future.  It will definitely be one of our fondest memories of building.


You should be proud of your company and John.  He is a great representative.


Thank you and best wishes for your future success."




Lynn O'Hara and Willie Watson
Clinton, WA

 John Ricketson

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