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History of Hearthstone
History of Hearthstone Logo


Hearthstone began thousands of homes ago in 1971 as a restorer of old log homes in the southern Appalachian mountains. It wasn't long until there were more people who wanted those homes than there were old logs for restoration. So, we set about learning how to craft new homes - yet with the quiet strength of character of those original log and heavy timber homes. 


Though thoroughly designed and engineered to reflect our experience of thousands of homes and the best in modern technology and comfort, our log homes remain what they were at our modest, yet proud, beginning: faithful reproductions of those 150-200 year old, heart-stopping, hewn, and dove-tailed homes that were the pride and labor of our forefathers.


Early in the 1980's, our culture of handcrafting, heavy timber construction, and historical reproduction led us to develop our timber frame homes. Now most of our homes have elements of both log and timber frame construction.

Hearthstone has been creating extraordinary heavy timber homes since 1971. We began as restorers of 150-200 year old structures, and that heritage still drives us today. 


Over the many years and thousands of homes, we have always focused on the art and trade of the Timberwright. Our company history, heritage, and culture make us different from others in this business. We have enough size to focus the appropriate resources on your project, yet we maintain that culture of commitment to the creativity and aesthetics of our TimberWright® forefathers.

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